The meeting this week included updates from

Robert Williams – Run and Rehab – Osteopath – seeing acute patients – acute patients tend to follow a pattern. Mild issues can cause a lot of pain, knowing that does help people relax and helps them repair.  Back to work properly from Tuesday next week.

Steve Redwood – Harper Dolman and West – Insurance Broker – new build houses, specialist contract for those sorts of options where people are building themselves, trying to live in etc.

Joe Stephenson – Mortgage Sense – Mortgage Advisor – express the need to plan – organise mortgage agreement in principle before you view, as that helps everyone in the process.

Lorraine Bolland – Old Mill – Accountant – virtual Christmas party HMRC £150+vat allowable this year – costs can include items that will consumed – e.g a hamper – perhaps support local and buy local products for the hamper.

Andy Fox – AFIT IT – IT Support – closed books for this year to ensure all client work is complete for new year – open reach will close books in 10 days.

Russel Sweet – DDFL Solutions – Health and Safety Advisor – contractors out on site so reviews and responses are slowing down from them.

Leighton Ballentine – Ballantine Wealth Management – Independent Financial Advisor – completed 14 client zoom meetings this week – stressed the importance of getting clients organised, especially when perhaps terminally ill, having all paper work in order, ensures the ongoing support they can offer the family through the tough time after their passing, helps ensure the best possible financial situation for the family going forward.

Theresa England – Hub Life – workshop is busy.  2nd wave of voucher scheme £50 towards restoring bikes, Signed up to green commute to work scheme.

Carly Warren – Thoroughbred Marketing – last minute offer of an advertising space – back page of a magazine for a client (have good relationship with publications advertise in for their clients) – tight deadline – by end of the day, the artwork was nearly finalised for the deadline the next day.


Rob Williams- Run and Rehab – took the 10 minutes Q&A slot

As soon as allowed he will be launching his Runner training.  Due to where he is based, he treats a lot of older patients.  Gave an example of where is location does mean a short commute for some customers, which helps save them travel time and therefore he can work with them more often, if required, to reduce their episodes of acute pain.

Some patients he will suggest need to go on a maintenance exercise programme to strengthen areas of weakness.

Runners, he is looking for those who have a niggling injury, to help analyse cause and suggest rehab programme to improve long term.  Runners who want to run faster, more economically.

Those working from home need to set their workspace up as ergonomically as possible to help with the prevention of injuries etc.  It can be harder to set the workspace up correctly.  With more working from home it is important.

If you would like to visit or are interested in the services of one of our members please do not hesitate to get in touch (please no spammers!).  Contact details of members is available at

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