The most recent BiIG meeting, we had a mixture of members, visitors and substitutes in virtual attendance.  After a bit of a social catch up whilst everyone joined the call the one minute round included …

Barnaby Baker – Porter Dodson – Solicitor Corporate Commercial Team- importance of setting up lasting power of attorney.

Andy Fox – AFIT IT – Provision and Support – replacing infrastructure for businesses whilst staff not in buildings.  10GB connection for a holiday park about to go in.

Russel Sweet – DDFL Solutions – Health and Safety – review of fire risk assessments, reviewing and renewing health and safety documents for clients.

Joe Stephenson – Mortgage Sense – Mortgage Broker – Renting out house to enable couple to buy another house the have fallen for!

Theresa England – Hub Life – All things Bike – staying open as workshop full.  Bike sales increasing.  Green House open on same estate.  Turbo trainers available for sale.

Richard Franklin – Purple Box Digital – Web Design – planning sites to go live Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day – so team will be working over the festive period.

Steve Redwood – Harper Dolman and West – Insurance Broker.  Week spent dealing with the issue of Sky News announcing car insurance was not going to be valid for non essential travel.  Thankfully it was not upheld by the insurance companies – so panic over.

Lorraine Bolland – Old Mill – Accountant – Management accounts, seeing more companies without a senior in-house accountant requiring review of data and observations on quarterly accounts. Working with them to identify critical improvements to address first. Monitoring improvements made is a good way of recognising and rewarding staff effort to do these things alongside normal duties.

Ian Killick – Photorganised – Personal Photo Organisation – Organise photos, back up, remove duplicates, create photo books.  Enjoyed watching Charlie and Ewan motorbiking in Peru, Ian is currently creating a photobook for a customer whilst on their travels in this area – so enjoying seeing the area brought to life.

Robert Williams – Run and Rehab – Osteopath – I am working, generally seeing emergency patients only.  Important to evaluating each and every patient – symptoms can change and can present with a similar pain distribution.  The actual cause can be something needing prompt medical treatment.  A patient presented with mid-low back pain, took relevant history and tested, I felt far more likely cause was a kidney infection.   Osteopaths, trained to identify if people are safe to treat.  If not referred to the relevant professional.

David Ballantine for Leighton – Ballantine Wealth Management – Financial Planner.  Recently joined the company. Creating long term client relationships to help people make their long term financial goals.

Carly Warren – Thoroughbred – Marketing – past few weeks designed and printed a calendar for Hinton St George Shop – February is a very tidy month, next year just 4 weeks each starting on a Monday and finishing on a Friday!  Showed copy of a past Somerset Voice – Somerset Chamber of Commerce Magazine which Thoroughbred has designed.

Kierhan Ellis – Evolve Fitness Training – awareness challenge with active clients – food challenge – match what people think they consume and actually what they eat.   Emotional eating – procrastinating etc.

Lisa Wheadon – Willow Interiors – busy and did have a back log of work.  Deluge of work post first lock down, current shortage of foam and some materials – so causing a few headaches.  Really pleased to be busy – tiny bit challenging.

Lisa took a ten minute Q & A and told us more about her business …

Beautiful hand made curtains, blinds and loose covers. Modern and traditional upholstery.  People at home have been looking around and finding area they would like to improve, update or change in their home.
Source fabrics and wall papers.  Does colour schemes and help people to organize their space to make it more useable.
In the future aims to run courses – either physical when allowed, with the potential of online tutorials and webinars.
Spoke about projects for Historical houses – window seats cushions could have been a mix of feathers, horse hair, cow and pig hair – with the possibility of straw included.  Now she uses Chinese hog hair – hogs are bred for the purpose and are clipped annually – uses this hair to make pads e.g  Scottish Heritage – chairs for Sterling Castle.  Has created various items for local historic houses.
Favourite jobs have included tiny chairs.  Likes to work on sentimental projects, remembers the people and the impact her work has on them – more so than the physical items.

Visitor to the group this week was
Luke Williams – LBW Media – short video content creation – videography for business.  Varied portfolio.

If you would like to visit or are interested in the services of one of our members please do not hesitate to get in touch (please no spammers!).

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